Modern app which really helps !


IntisTele - wide-scale program which could find answer for varied requests. This mechanism helps to transfer SMS effortlessly.

Main part

Due to the hurried pace of our life and especially eager to gain time - a vast majority of people select SMS for the reason that that kind is the fastest and the most useful for modern people. .

Advantages and Disadvantages 

The usage of IntisTele system has a lot of benefits. For example:

Quality & price. It is convenient to know the limit and refill the balance according to your budget. The quality of send messages will be perfect.

Speed of delivery. A quick way to transfer messages is about the Intis Telecommunication app. The epoch of carrier and fax are a survival of times past. 

In modern world bulk text is one of the most reliable ways of having virtual conversation.

The expected time of bulk texting distribution compiles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are settled possesses network coverage).

Solutions by department

SMS software is a beneficial solution for departments. It is a decision for all. 

Bulk texting system considered to be a powerful mechanism to achieve each of marketing goals. For instance:

Easy automation and optimization of  timetable in campaigns. You will not forget the co-workers` birthday with the SMS software. 

Acquisition of statistics thanks to SMS software campaigns. 

Bulk texting could be implemented in the department`s everyday routine. SMS  is ready to help:

Software engineers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway. 

Thanks to the function it is possible to deliver big amount of  bulk texting, gather status.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele messages software allows debugging your exclusive program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Perl.

Intis Telecommunication plugins and widgets are created to smooth integration of most major CMS (Drupal).

Bulk texting commands are good for sysadmins as they can set remote administration and server management.

No need for internet access, because all servers are managed by SMS commands.

Bulk texts software is instantly updating on the definite server infrastructure performance. 

Business owners also could organize the employees' timetable because of this bulk texting software. Manage your everyday corporate workflow with SMS.

On the website it is possible to find recognizable web interface, variant of payment action that matches every pocket and a very captivating affiliate program. With the help of bulk texting software:

Solutions by industry

The bulk texting system solution is perfect choice for transport. The SMS software solves a range of problems of different spheres in various industries. 

With bulk texting solutions banks could supply with the best service for the customers.

It is a excellent solution for chain stores. With SMS software there is an alternative to install notifications about discounts.

SMS software considered to be the best solution boost travel and transport operations and make customers have the best adventure during thr journeys.

Bulk texting is a decision for startups and IT. This application is crucial for hosting.

Message notify to serve security. It is applicable for public safety services.

Prices for SMS

It is not difficult to top up the balance and determine the sum of money which you are ready to provide. IntisTele can offer various ways to top up the balance. For example, Skrill.


Application Programming Interface is a method, with the help of which one device has ability to connect with the other computer. This mechanism was invented to mix different applications in one system.

With the help of Application programming interface you are free to request for balance

It can be integrated to ESP.


If any questions have left about the program and how it works, do not hesitate to attend IntisTele FAQ.

SMS guidelines

Make bulk text targeted. Divide the database into single groups by preferences.

Now you are able to deliver offers only to those who have interest in product. 

Tell your name. Do not hesitate to indicate your name directly at the top of the text message. It will lead to needed concentration to your SMS and make the message special. Customers will regularly understand who addresses them.

Affiliate program

With a unique IntisTele Affiliate program each client could have a commission for attracting fresh customer. You could gain around to 10% of the month's top-up balance payment, which is made by the client you have brought to Intis Telecommunication system.